Vegan Investments: Are you investing your money where your mouth is?​

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in July 2023.

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Key Takeaways

  • Investing in vegan businesses is not only a way to make money, but also a way to support ethical companies aligned with vegan principles.
  • Celebrities are investing in vegan businesses, showing that veganism has become mainstream and profitable.
  • Understanding where your money is invested, especially in pensions and ISAs, is crucial to avoid supporting companies that go against vegan principles.
  • Ethical investments, such as funds that screen out animal testing and contribute to positive environmental or social change, are recommended for vegans.
  • Direct investing in vegan companies or through crowdsourcing platforms is an option for those willing to take risks and support individual vegan businesses.
  • Making informed choices in investments is as important as making ethical choices in shopping, as investments give power over companies and industries.

Vegan Investments: Are you putting your money where your mouth is?

FAQ - Vegan Investing Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1.

Q) What are vegan investments?
A) Vegan investments refer to investing in companies that align with vegan principles, such as those that do not contribute to animal exploitation or environmental harm.

Question 2.
Q) Why should I consider investing in vegan businesses?
A) Investing in vegan businesses allows you to support companies that align with your morals and values, while also potentially making a profit as the vegan market grows.

Question 3.
Q) How can I find out if my current investments are vegan-friendly?
A) You can find out if your investments are vegan-friendly by checking the companies you and your funds invest in and ensuring they do not contribute to animal testing or exploitation.

Question 4.
Q) Are there dedicated vegan investment funds available?
A) While there are no publicly available funds in the UK that invest exclusively in vegan-friendly companies, there are ethical funds that screen out exposure to unacceptable practices such as animal testing.

Question 5.
Q) What are some alternative ways to invest in vegan businesses?
A) You can invest directly in vegan companies, explore crowdsourcing platforms, or consider ethical funds that support environmental or social change while avoiding companies that partake in animal testing.

From the article, with links included (Please note. Information only. This is not investing advice. See disclaimer in the article.):

Direct investing?

If you have a large appetite for risk, some spare money, and you want to support individual vegan businesses that might affect real change, you could invest directly in vegan companies.

Veganism is a serious investment opportunity. According to data from Allied Market Research, the global vegan food market will grow to $36.3 billion by 2030, comfortably outpacing the overall food industry. has produced a list of the best vegan stocks and assets to watch:

There is, however, a catch with investing in individual companies: even experienced, savvy investors often back the wrong companies. It takes time and patience and a lot of nous to assess the underlying value of a company, and few of us are up to the task.

Another left-field option is to invest in vegan companies through crowdsourcing platforms such as Seedrs and Crowdcube. Be aware, however, that these are start-up companies and you may lose your investment.”

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